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Ghajini Movie Review




At last Ghajini Comes on the screen on 24th Dec.08. It is the most awaited movie of the year 2008, and Yesterday I seen the movie. So, many people think why they watch the movie? And there are so many answers like, if you love Aamir Khan go watch it. If you love action go watch it. If you want to see new story go watch it. So, it’s worth watching good Hindi movie. You can say great to, because of the Aamir Khan’s Acting.

There was a Rumour that, Aamir Khan is Ghajini and he is in suspense, and he kills his lover. That’s all wrong. So, have fun reading the short story of the movie.

In starting itself, it’s clear that, Ghajini is some one else, and Aamir want to kill him. The reason why he wants to kill Ghajini, shown is flash back, and in that, Sanjay Singhaniya (Aamir) is a business man, shown with lots of money. He always has 4 cars with him and a private jet etc. He is CEO of Air voice Mobile Company.  He fall in love with Kalpana (Asin) and she is model. Then Sanjay left for business trip to London and in Mumbai Kalpana went to goa for some modelling assignment. In movie Kalpana’s character is like helping to every one. In train, some little girls where taken to goa for selling and their Kidney, were sold out. Ghajini is behind all of this.  And Kalpana save them all.  Then Ghajini comes in to the life of Kalpana, he want to kill her so, send some people to her house to kill her. At the same time Sanjay also come to her house to meet her, and then Ghajini Kills Kalpana with a Metal Rod, that scene is pictures very beautifully, after killing kalpana Ghajini hits Sanjay with that Metal Rod and due to this, he got a scar on his head and he is now patient of Short Team Memory Loss.

Sunita (jiya) is a medical student helps Sanjay in finding Ghajini, and in the end Sanjay takes the revenge, by killing Ghajini. The story here looks simple but it has many ups and down, I have not written the whole story just a glimpse of what is in the movie. Aamir is looking fabulous  in the movie in both outfits. He is rocking as usual. Asin looks great, in the movie. Action scenes are amazing, Have u seen Ghulam movie, in that he is ordinary guy and fights with don, that looks some what odd. But in this movie, he is Macho man, and fighting like sunny deol. You love him while he fights in the movie. Too good. In once scene he punches one of the guy and his head turn in to 360 degree. So, Actions is the best in the movie. Its typical masala Hindi movie, it has everything in it. Except some songs are boring. But, Movie is fantastic.

I go with high expectation in the movie and I love the movie after watching it. Because, the Short Term Memory Loss, subject is really great. Just imagine if you have the same problem and after every 15 minutes you forgot everything. How would you manage to live? This is something you should watch in movie. There are some scenes where u thinks they are making us fool. But friends its Hindi movies, after watching every Hindi movie you must have some doubts in the movie. But, forget that all just watch the movie and enjoy. The story is new, and it will not let you get up from your seat. Except you want to go to washroom.

I don’t won’t to give any stars or rating, but its good movie and you should watch.


Start Caste:

Aamir Khan as -Sanjay Singhaniya

Asin as -Kalpana

Jiya Khan as-Sunita

Pradeep Rawat as- Ghajini

Ghajini’s official website,



  1. I also have Short Term Memory loss after watching movie, so I forgot how it was actually?

    Err, which movie?

  2. Then You should watch again.

  3. i watch this movie 2 time @ sunday.

    mind blowing movie …

    this time all awards goes to this movie.

  4. If one has already watched the Tamil “original” I would say he/she can easily skip this movie (unless he/she is a big aamir khan fan, of course). There’s nothing new in Hindi version (as compared to Tamil) and all the mistakes and loop-holes in plots are repeated by Murugadoss.

  5. Ghajini is remake of Tamil Ghajini, which is remake of English movie Memento (which is a super pshychological thriller). Unfortunerly, ghajini is the worst adaptation of the original one.

    Bottom line, if you are intelligent enough to watch super suspence thriller, go and watch Memento… if you like masala movie… watch Ghajini (Tamil)…!

    In all the case you can avoid hindi ghajini.


  6. I read Ghajini movie review posted by Malji on 28th december 2008. i am very happy and excited to see this movie , it is very intresting story and action movie. i see his movie Ghulam three time , now i will see movie then i will give live opinion. thanks.

  7. I have seen film..its took one year to make body to take revange…people do not take trouble to take revange so they forget to enimy and ingnore..કોઈ ટેરારીસ્ હુમલો થાય છે..લોકો શત્રુ શોધે છે..પરન્તુ બદલો લેવામાં જે તૈયારી કરવી પડે તે કરતા નથી પરિણામે શત્રુ, નેતા, ટેરારીસ્ટો ઈછે છે કે લોકો ભુલી જાય અને ભુલી જાય છે…શોર્ટ ટર્ મેમેરી લોસ બધાને છે..પણ પન્દર મિનીટથી વધારે..very good blog and tital picture.

  8. I haven’t seen this movie yet..
    I like Amir Khan but this movie seems like a copy of some Hollywood movie so not really excited..
    Anyway sooner or later:)

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